Thursday, May 31, 2007

Day 120

Sleepy little fella...

I wanted going to snap a picture of Cole saying his prayers before bed. So I read him a story and told him I would be right back (I went to get my camera) and, poof! he was sound asleep when I came back in. Oh well, at least I got a picture for today!

Day 119

Loves to read...

Lauren is so into reading lately. She blew through her Kindergarten sight words and was half way through the first grade list by the time the year was over. She has such a desire to learn so we let her stay up later than anyone else (even Meg!) so she could finish reading the story she was working on.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Day 118


This is Melody, a lovely purple drop with a hint of green. Its a little limited in it's uses, but it is very, very nice just the same.

Of course, Meg had an outfit to match it so we whipped it out this afternoon! This was more of a feathered light and I kept UEing...very frustrating.

Then of course, I moved the lights and re-metered and guess OE'd! GRRRRR.

In any event, my blue-eyed beauty is growing up much, much to quickly.

Day 117

Bad, bad girl...

Nuttin today. Me & T slept in since the kids were gone and then we worked for a bit. We went early to pick thwm up and then early to bed since swim practice starts before 8:00...EEK! I will be playing with a drop tomorrow so I know I will have some shots to post!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Day 116

Just the two of us...

Granny came and got the kids from their meet yesterday and we will be picking them up tomorrow so tonight, it is just the two of us...a nice bottle of wine...some take out....and relaxation!!

Day 115

The Stingrays!!!

Just a couple of my favorites from this weekend's swim meet. The lighting was terrible because it was an indoor pool at the high school which was made worse by the stormy weather outside. I was just playing with different focus points and

going for some image depth too.

Day 113 & 114

Taking a break...sorta

The girls' last day of school was Thursday and it was a half day so I proofed as much as I could before they got home. When Lauren got home she was a mess, so upset over school being over. She cried for quite a while, but soon it was time for swim practice and a private lesson with Coach Sam so that cheered her up. Meg was pretty upset too because she found out that two of her friends are moving away. It was a tough day.

Friday I proofed...all day. I didn't even want to look at my camera let alone use it to take yet more pictures!! Tomorrow is another swim meet so I will get plenty of shots no doubt!

Day 112


Today was the end of year parties for the girls and they both made ice cream sundaes in their classes...YUM!! The girls both wanted pictures with their teachers.
It was bittersweet too though. It was the end of elementary school for Meg and the beginning of growing up for Lauren.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Day 111


The little plant Cole gave me for Mother's Day has a bloom on it!! I really thought it was a gonner for a little bit, but nope, its very much alive!

Day 110

Mocha Marble...

I got this backdrop in the other day and so I needed to shoot some pics on it as part of the "project". I really like the richness of it and may need to add it to my wish list!

Meg has not been feeling well and was actually falling asleep while I took these...poor muffin.

Ugh! She is growing up too fast for me!

Day 109

Nothing today...

After shooting the swim meet all day yesterday, I didn't even want to look at my camera today! I will be setting up a drop tomorrow so I can get back into the "studio". It has been a while and no doubt I am rusty.

Day 108

Swim friends...

Big friends.

Little friends.

Day 107


I really thought that I had taken some shots for today, but now I can't find them. I guess that's what I get for letting them pile up without posting...DOH!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Day 106

Growing up...

This morning Lauren decided to do her hair all by herself and she looked so grown up. I grabbed the camera and took a quick pic before the bus came around the corner.

As Cole watched she and Meg go, I just loved how the light coming through the blinds hit his face so I snapped that too! I can't believe that could him next year. I am relieved I have another year before he is rushing off to catch the bus too.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Day 105

The Graduate...

Tonight was Cole's preschool graduation (even though he will be back next year..haha). I fully admit that these are just snapshots. The kids did a little program with songs he had been singing to us at home for quite a while. They were all so sweet with their little hand motions while they sang.
Some of the kids got really into it, but I think Cole must have been really, really tired because he yawned about 20 times!

After the program, we went back to the classrooms and they got their "diplomas" cute!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Day 104


Today was the swim-a-thon fund raiser for the girls' swim team and we pledged $1 per lap for each of them. Well, Meg swam 48 laps.

And Lauren swam 20! $68 bucks...OUCH!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Day 103

Splash Day...

Today was the beginning of the last week of school for Cole and they had a splash day! Weeee! the played around in the wadding pool at school.
He just loves to lounge around and practice going under.
This was after they all got out and got dried off. Wednesday night is pre-K graduation, but he will be going on to Transition class instead of straight into Kindergarten. He is very excited that quite a few of his little friends will still be with him.
I have no idea why all my images keep looking so over-saturated when I post them. It is so frustrating. :(

Day 102

Happy Mother's Day

Ahh, Mother's Day! After the craziness of yesterday, it was off to Dad & Brenda's. It's my Dad's birthday on Mon so we lumped it in with Mother's Day too. I took these of Lauren picking flowers for Granny.

I am really trying to deal with my fear of sunlight and would sell a kidney to go to the secret workshop. Thankfully they are booked so I don't even have to consider getting drastic..haha.

Day 101

Time Trials...

We started the day at 6:00am...EEEK! Let's just say the girls were not over-joyed at the thought, but by the time we all woke up and got moving, everything was fun. Lauren was up first with her 25m Freestyle. Look at her go!!
She still needs to work on her breathing and strokes, but she is determined!
This was Meg's 25m Butterfly and I just LOVE this shot! She was so ready!
She beat the other kids in her heat 3 out of 5 events! I am so proud of this kid, can you tell?!? If she keeps this up, they might move her up to the next team! ROCK ON, MEGAN!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Day 100

The start of a very busy weekend...

Today was Cole's Muffins with Mom and it was so sweet. The kids had painted little flower pots and planted flowers and they had made little cards for Mother's Day too. He was showing me that he was almost finished with his yummy blue Kool-Aid.
Next up was Meg's Step-Up Party to celebrate the kids moving onto the Intermediate School. This relay was to determine which class would win rides in the Cool Rules Car. (AKA the yellow mistress)
Unfortunately, Meg's class did not win, but that's ok since Meg has now decided that the MR2 isn't so bad after all..haha.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Day 99

Texas Taco...

Today was Megan's Texas Tea at school and she dressed up as Mrs. Susanna Wilkerson Dickinson, one of the lone survivors of the Battle of the Alamo. Since this poor child's mother (yes, that's me) cannot sew, I hot glued lace to the color and sleeve of a man's shirt to match a picture of this woman we had found.
Now for the Taco part, all day today, Mr. C has been rolling himself up in his sleeping bag and rolling around the living room. I had cleaned it out to set up for a shoot and he is loving it!

Look at that widdle face! I just wanna sqeeze it!

Day 97&98

What's on....

Last night was American Idol and I got pics of those contestants I like in the order they sang. I am not a big fan of Lakisha's though I used to be so it wasn't all that upsetting to see her go tonight. Is that mean?
Love Melinda...

And Blake....

And Jordin...all that voice in such a young person, all I can say is WOW.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Day 96

His yellow mistress...

Meg has a party for all the 4th graders at the park this Friday so daddy was getting the car spiffed up! All of her friends (especially the boys) think this is the coolest car they have ever seen, but suddenly she is embarrassed by it. She said that she doesn't like all the attention...Whaaaaat?
This is the stuff T was using to polish it up, just thought it looked kinda cool sitting up on the T-tops.

Here's my man! Isn't he a stud? I just love him! I just have to remind that yellow lady in the garage that I was here first..haha!

Day 95

Cookies for Mom...

Sometime last week, the girl's school had Muffins with Mom, but neither girl was all that hip on the muffin part so we skipped it. After a little talk with Daddy, the girl realized that maybe that hurt mommy's feelings just a tad and this was their solution.
So Sunday morning, Lauren and Daddy baked cookies for me and made sure I had the first one. Looks like she wouldn't wait to get her hands on one too!

I must say, they were delish! So much better than the muffins were, no doubt!

Day 94


Cole needed to tell me a story today so I decided to snap a few while he recounted the thrills and chills of the movie, Zathura. That is one of his favorite movies and we even have the board game!

Obviously, he had grown tired of the camera in his face and didn't think I was giving him my full attention.