Monday, September 29, 2008

Working at the car wash

The weather this weekend was so amazing and the kids just wanted to be outside which is lovely since so often it is either raining or unbearably hot (or both). And since they were already outside, why not put them to work? The car was the worst it has ever been with all the love bug carcasses splattered all over the front end, so a wash was definitely in order! Of course, Miss L was the biggest helper with my oldest and youngest only helping out intermittently and the youngest enjoying the water and bubbles far more than the actual work. The worst part was that because the water is so hard around this area that we had to drive it through a car wash when they were done to get rid of the hard water spots. I guess the bigger picture is the fun that was had while they "worked".

Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's Rough in the Puppy Racket

On the lighter side of life, is she a pampered little princess or what? I swear, there is no other pooch far and wide that is a better match for Boo than this one. I still remember when she very matter-of-factly told us that she would be getting a Yorkie and it would be named Zoe (that was negotiable) and that it would sleep in her room but not in her bed, instead it would sleep in a bed that Granny would make for her. There was no doubt nor indecision in her tone, she simply knew this would happen and left no room for defeat. As parents, how do you argue with the confident logic of a child who will not be swayed? You don't. We didn't immediately cave though, we made her prove herself responsible and capable enough to handle it and now she wakes up every day 15 minutes early to take Lola outside and feed her.
Obviously, Miss Lola is right at home in her canopy dog bed made my Granny.

Opinions, Everybody's Got One

And quite frankly, I do not understand why "celebrities" feel theirs is more important. What exactly qualifies moron extraordinaire (and Brit no less) Russel Brand to give his political opinion during a music awards show calling Bush "retarded" or Wanda Sykes to call all Rebuplicans "evil" on the Tonight Show? I am all for free speech don't get me wrong, but I feel that it is ridiculous to see these already puffed-up self-important and ill-informed people be given a soapbox. More over, where is the intelligence in these comments, are we really still on the 3rd grade playground engaging in name-calling? Yes, as a business owner and a member of the oft-forgotten middle class, I am a McCain supporter. I realize that not all my blog readers will agree with that stance, but this is my soapbox after all. Do I support him because he is a Republican, no. I am not a person who blindly supports someone because of their party affiliation, but I feel that he is FAR more qualified as our commander in chief than Mr. Obama. Do I support Palin because she is woman? How insulting to even ask. I think she is a breath of fresh, HONEST air that we desperately need in the White House with the same issues in her household as the rest of us though I do have to point out that I simply cannot remember the last time a candidate's "household" was in question. Oh that's right, male politicians don't need to answer such questions, do they? I feel Obama's platform of "hope & change" is without foundation and elaboration not to mention the fact that I am not comfortable with a man who currently holds the title of most liberal senator on the hill nor the second most liberal, Joe Biden as his running mate running the show. What exactly will change other than the balance of my checking and savings account to throw money at "social programs" which have so often proven flawed? Do folks not accept that for jobs to remain in tact, businesses need to remain solvent so raising taxes on businesses to increase funding for these programs which encourage the down trodden to stay that way will only force job cuts for those who are willing to earn their pay? Seems like simple math to me, but then again, I am not a comedian or actor so my opinion matters only to me. What a pity because I think their are more intelligent non celebrities out there (on BOTH sides of the political line) who deserve to be heard. In short, I would rather have a person in office whose opinions are firm and unwavering whether I agree with them or not because I find pandering and glad handing distasteful not to mention dishonest & misleading. As the song goes, "You've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything." Do any of us really know what it is that Obama/Biden stand for?

*I welcome comments on this post, positive or negative, if you chose to leave one but please know that I will not publish any which contain profanity or personal attacks.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Never Ending Birthday

L's birthday was a week ago now, but the gifts just keep coming. We knew the second thing on her list after the Yorkie was the brand new Ipod nano in purple but the Apple store didn't have any in before Ike hit and then they lost power and/or internet in the week that followed. Luckily for us, my parents had my two little ones for the weekend and I called Apple Sunday afternoon in the hopes that maybe we'd get lucky. Pay dirt! They had the 16 gig purple one..yay! So now that we had the coveted contraption, we needed to accessorize with a disco ball of course. Loaded up with all the goodies that L was so hoping for, we grabbed some lunch and were on our way out when we spotted the most perfect bottle of perfume. It was purple in a bottle shaped like a heart with a jeweled crown cap called Princess by Vera Wang. I knew immediately that I had to smell it, but when the sales girl sprayed the little card and handed it to me, I was disappointed and continued walking to the car. Then as I sniffed the sample one more time before tossing it, I stopped in my tracks and gave it to T to smell. It was so perfect for L that when I smelled it, all I could think about was her. So we walked back to the counter and bought a little bottle of it for her and when the girl asked how old our daughter was, her expression was priceless when we told her she was eight. I know its a bit pricey for a little girl's perfume, but this was made for her!

Don't be alarmed by the crazed look in her eye, it only means that she was just thrilled!!
The perfect end to her weekend with Granny & Chippy was that Olive Garden was finally open again and she was able to have her dinner and desert! No regular birthday cake, this one is filled with ewy gewy melted chocolate and is sitting in white chocolate with strawberries and is her favorite so we asked our server to just stick a candle in it.

They did

So this weekend was finally the wedding of a couple I have really come to love. I have had a bride tell me once when I was leaving after finishing up her wedding that it almost felt like a break-up and it is such a true statement. While I am genuinely happy for my couples to make it to the alter and often find myself misty-eyed at all the love, I know that I won't be seeing them as often and it's bittersweet. I am so touched when they say that when they are ready to start their families, they will call and I will be able to be a part of their next journey. This particular wedding was in Belton, just outside Waco and the drive was a killer (at least for T who was actually doing the driver though he would tell you it was a piece of cake) and I am convinced that I ran the entire day on nothing more than adrenaline as my entire body wanted to crater about a quarter of the way home. Thank goodness for your body's own chemistry, right? Am I complaining you ask? No way, I know that when I am in that much pain that the day was twice as exciting so I am more worried when I don't feel like I have been hit by a bus after shooting a wedding! Anywho, meet Mr. & Mrs. Boze who are right now enjoying a lovely honeymoon cruise.

Days Over

So after much thought, I decided to retire the day 614, 615, 616... since I cannot seem to keep up with this blog on a daily basis anymore and I think I graduated from the project 365 many, many days ago! Now maybe I can take some of the self-imposed guilt off my shoulders when I notice that it has been more than a week since I have posted anything! I promise I am not giving up on the blog, just the daily ranting and raving and apologizing for not posting...ha-ha! I love all the e-mails that I get and running into people at weddings I shoot who tell me they read my blog all the time and feel like they know me already, in fact it makes me blush a little that someone should find my life that interesting. So thank you to all my stalkers and friends, I will be posting soon!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 613

Clean up...
Most of my day was spent today doing laundry and mindless housework stuff. This is all so surreal, I never even left the house despite the gorgeous weather delivered from the heavens, in fact I didn't even change out of my pajamas. I know it's naive, but watching the news coverage feels like I am watching some other place in some other state, not here up the coast and down my own street. Friends still without power and others with substantial roof and interior damage. I am so fortunate to have virtually no damage at all but in turn, I feel guilty almost to the point of shame when I look at those who needed to leave their homes until repairs can be made. The groceries stores are crazy and I am glad I thought to stock up on soups and pastas and the like as it may be a while before shopping is the same mundane task again. I mean, am I really suffering because I am out of white cheddar cheese cheetos and flips? Not exactly, so why add myself to the chaos and take the place in line of someone who needs the essentials? I want to do something, be of some help to someone but I am hardly proficient with a chainsaw and I still have so much work that I am behind on and children who need looking after. Donating money seems feeble, but money is necessary is it not? This is a strong city and we will overcome, we're not the 4th largest for nuttin.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Day 612

Happy Birthday...
It certainly wasn't the way she had envisioned her 8th birthday, but I know that L is more than capable of seeing the forest for the trees and took this birthday all in stride like the terrific kid she is. I went out to the mall in the morning hoping that the Apple store might be open to pick up the coveted new purple Ipod nano for her birthday, but not only were they not open neither were several of her favorite stores like Disney and Claire's (which opened as we were leaving) either. Though their were a few runner-up stores open that would work in a pinch like Build-A-Bear, Pumpkin Patch and the Great American Cookie Company. So I bought a couple cute outfits and my neighbor suggested get her a quick cookie cake and I decided to load up the kids and bring them back to make bears for a makeshift party which aside from not having any of her little girlfriends there went over really well. If you have been to BAB, you know that they have you hold the bear's heart to yours and make a wish before sewing it in. To her credit, L's wish was somewhat selfless as she told daddy & me later that her wish was for power for our neighborhood. The best part of her birthday was lighting the candles on her cookie cake by our neighbor's generator powered lamps and just as we were about to sing happy birthday, the electricity came on and her wish (and ours) was granted and prayers answered! Happy Birthday, L!!

Day 610 & 611

On the plus side, it could have been so much worse then a few days without power and some loss of water pressure. We sustained virtually no damage which is not true for some of our immediate neighbors who lost fences, roofing, and trees which resulted in damaging the interiors and contents of some their homes. I am also grateful for the beautiful weather of late and I have no idea how we would have managed a typical mid-September forcasted day with no electricity. All in all, I think this city has handled the crisis well and I am proud to call myself a Houstonian (ok, Tomballian but close enough). Thank you so much to those of you who called, e-mailed and texted to check on me and tell me you were thinking of me. I love my friends and family very much and can't tell you how much you are loved in return.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Day 609

Ike is getting closer and there isn't a whole lot more we can do to prepare any more than we have. The kids are a little nervous which is to be expected with nothing else on every channel but minute-by-minute updates and hype. That's not to mean that I am not taking this seriously or than I am not the least bit nervous myself, but I think the media is certainly capable of over-kill. The footage of morons on the seawall posing and strutting for the cameras is ludicrous; these are the same people who will be screaming for help in a few hours and rescue workers who have their own families will have to risk their lives to save them, sickening. So if I am missing for a few days with no pics, don't worry I am sure we will be just fine though taking pictures may not be at the top of my list.I just stepped outside and took a quick one of the clouds rolling in. Isn't it ironic that yesterday was beautiful clear blue skies? This is what they mean by the calm before the storm. So our neighbors found some left over kites and what better way to let of some the panic and fear go than to harness some of this wind?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day 608b

Another one bites the dust...
Ugh! One is suffering with pink eye and now the next in line has an ear ache and her ear is pretty red and irritated. I am almost thankful the school's are closed tomorrow so I don't have to wonder what my oldest will be afflicted with though I could live without the impending visit from Ike! Amazing as it may seem, after a couple drops from daddy and several hours on the Wii, she was cured! Parenting, it's never boring!

My little drama queen made it through the ordeal fairly unscathed!

Day 608

Faux hawk...
I mentioned it yesterday that T took C to get his hair cut and here is his new do. I have to say that it is growing on me. It's a good thing that he didn't get the real mohawk he had asked for or he and daddy would be in a world of hurt right now! I thought very seriously about taking care of that little boo-boo in his forehead but then thought, "well, it's what he looked like today so I'll leave it." I only wish he'd stop picking at it so it won't scar!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Day 607

We haven't even finished the first month of school and already C has missed a day. With such full long lashes sometimes one will curve back around and poke him in the eye breaking a blood vessel which is what I thought had happened last weekend so I paid no attention to it. You'd think after being a mom this long, I would know better. Last night he tells daddy that it is itchy and hurting and upon close inspection I see it is bumpy and spreading so I say that I will make an appointment for him today. Then it hits me, we have an after hours clinic in Tomball that is open so why wait? T takes him in and sure enough, it's pink eye. Unfortunately, the pharmacy won't have his meds ready until the next morning which is fine since he obviously won't be going to school anyway. The hardest part is that he feels fine so he wants to run around and ride his bike and have us play with him which we can't do since we both have a ton of work to do. At least daddy did finally take him to get his hair cut but that will have to wait for tomorrow's pic.
He was so brave! Never even flinched when the drops went it.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day 606

A Princess, her pup and her pig...
My poor girls have been so neglected lately, you'd think C was an only child. To remedy that a tiny bit, tonight I decided to take a pic of my middle love and her two most favorite things in the whole world, her piggy that she's had since she was two and her precious Lola. I can hardly believe she will be eight in less than a week.

On a side note, flash is not always eeeeevil you know, it's all in how you bounce it.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Day 605

Good men are hard to find...
I would swear to you that I married the last one earth, but at my church we happen to have a terrific one to lead us. I always enjoy seeing pastors outside of the church walls and away from their pulpits to get a feel for who they really are. All too often they are not always what they appear to be so when I got a message from our communications guy at church to take some new shots of our pastor for various publications, I was more than happy to help. I am beyond pleased to report that this pastor was the exception to that unfortunate trend. He is someone who's company you can enjoy as a human being who is humorous and kind and honest, but more than that I got the strong sense that I was free to be myself around him and that I was not being judged which is a quality that I respect a great deal. So I just grabbed a quick one of my pastor Ken from Faithbridge UMC, a church I have come to love and look forward to attending.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Day 604

Busy day...
You know, I love my job I really really do but sometimes it's a bummer missing some of the fun on the weekends. Apparently while I was out today, M & one of her bffs decided to bathe the dogs and I missed it. Luckily for me, I was with a client I just adore and was photographing her precious little one that I have been waiting three long months to meet so it was worth it. Audrey has a rare genetic disorder called SLOS so her eyes are extraordinarily sensitive to light so I shot everything with only available window light. Her mom, Amber has been keeping a blog about all of Audrey's moments, the good, the bad and the in between which you can read here.
Amber and her husband Brad have two great cats, but this one is my personal favorite. Her name is Misty if I remember correctly and she is quite the character.
Look at those incredible lashes, isn't she just beautiful?
Oh and the other good about being gone was that the dogs went wacko and one got into the house while soaking wet and then freaked out on T and when I heard that, I decided that maybe some moments are ok to miss ;)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Day 603

Testing 1, 2...
I had a session this morning to Mr. C helped me out by being a baby...ha-ha!

Day 602

A little blurry but...
Isn't she cute? She was totally freaked out by me laying on the floor with the camera and watched every move I made to make sure I wasn't going to snag her toy! Love that tongue :P
Cotton needed to sneak a sniff on his way past, he's such a jealous boy!