Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day 505

A very long day...
Whew. Another Saturday, another swim meet. The sun was a killer today, even me & L got a little on the pink side which is very rare. C spent most of his day with his little friend. He is so incredibly sweet to this little princess. She even manages to wrap T around her pinkie too, but c'mon can you blame them? After the meet was over and I had a quick nap, it was off to shoot a family with a 7 month-old cutie and I brought L with me for entertainment. She loves to play with the babies and watch mommy work. Afterwards we wandered around the park taking pictures of the beautiful scenery (L increases the scenic value anywhere she goes, but then I am totally biased)!!

We were fascinated watching the bees and I just kept inching closer and closer, but this is where I drew the line.

Out the car window on the way home. Artwork from the heavens.
Then we stopped at Jack-in-the-Box for a quick drink on the way home. I ordered L a medium lemonade and this is what they gave her. Wow.

Day 504

Fifth grader no more...
Today was M's party and they too had a luau, but those room moms went all out which is easier to do with the older kids I guess. The kids enjoyed a chocolate fountain with all the trimmings (can you imagine that with a bunch of 7 year-olds?) After they were finished chowing and dancing, the kids had a wrap-the-teacher contest and M's class won! Fun stuff!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 503

Room mom...
Yet another title I hold is room mom in L's class and for the end of the year party, we had a luau complete with leis and shades and Hawaiian music! I brought in some Chic-fil-A nuggets and fruit tray with bubbles and beach balls. I didn't get to take any pictures because I was too busy organizing the activities, but I certainly did love this class. They all signed my honorary class t-shirt and asked me to sign theirs, I felt so special! Here is L decked out for the party and one of her bffs just before we left (the only two pics I got).

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day 502

Pretty little visitor...
Is she precious or what? Her mom came by today to pick up her big sister's senior pictures and she wanted me to take some shots of her too. So polite and just the cutest thing. So what better picture to post for today than a little one who actually wanted me to take one for a change!

Day 501

What's in a name?...
Even though we "borrowed" his name from an episode of "The Dog Whisperer", I don't think another would've suited him quite so well. You see, Cotton loves nothing more than to rip the stuffing out of everything he can get his paws on. We got him for L & C to share, but he is much better in personality for C because they are so much alike. You can't leave either of them alone for a minute; when it's too quiet it means they are up to something; and lastly, they are the cutest things when they are sleeping.

Day 500

The big 5-0-0...
500 posts, wow. With today being Memorial day and most folks having the day off of work, I decided to give my cameras the day to relax too. Am I nice or what? We worked for a bit this morning and then went to pick up the kids and have dinner with my parents. I can't believe that C is already out of school and will be a kindergartner...crazy! I hope everyone had a terrific long weekend and took a few moments out to remember those who gave their lives in our armed services to make our freedom possible.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Day 499

Playing catch-up...
Ahhh, no kids this weekend. You'd think me & T would just be lazin around, drinking wine and relaxing with the house to ourselves, right? Wrong! We are both up to our eyeballs in work and that is how we spent the afternoon after we got back from church. As it would happen, it is much easier to get ourselves there without three kiddos to corral too!

Day 498

A developer has decided that in order to build efficiently at the back entrance of our neighborhood, all of the trees needed to be mowed down completely. I can't stand it. We used to have a nice little bank of trees on the opposite side of the retention pond and now it's just baron save for the fire station that is being built (can't wait for their sirens to be blowing at all hours of the night). The result of all the trees being removed is that lots of little critters are searching for new homes like this little guy who was exploring all of our front yards this evening.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Day 497

Field Day Fun Take 3...
We didn't stay outside very long today. M's field day was from noon until 2pm and it was just too hot out there. With M's fair skin, I decided to take her home early when her shoulders were starting to turn pink. She did stay long enough to participate in all the class tug-of-wars though!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day 496

We decided to go straight today with boo's hair. Given the chance of rain and guaranteed humidity, the tardy she got at school for her trouble may not have been worth it. Do ya think she has trouble with her confidence? Naaaah. LOL!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day 495B

This just in...
Or out as the case may be. We have been working and working on this front tooth and tonight I had finally had enough of looking at it sticking out of L's mouth so....I yanked it before she even had time to react. She wanted me to take a toothless picture of her so badly that we waited til the end of Idol (the DVR cut off the winner...yeah, we were a teensy bit ticked) and then took a quick pic.

PS...YAY for David Cook!!!

Day 495

Water day...
As the mom with the biggest camera, it was my job to grab pics of all the kids having a blast this morning. The weather man said the high was 85? Yeah right, it was at least that at 11am this morning. I sure wished I had my suit on and could run and jump on the giant slip-n-slide or take a ride down the huge water slide!

The director of the school was "testing" one of the games on C!!