Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Honor Band

Remember when I was all excited that M was third chair? Well, now she's FIRST chair and a member of the district's honor band!!!! Last night they had a concert and the terrific thing about the flute section is that they are first row so it's super easy to get a pic. She may look like me, but any and all musical talent she posses came directly from her father and I know that is something she delights in sharing with him even if she may not openly admit it.
Rockstar cool...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Don't file a missing persons report

As I have posted on my business blog, I am really excited to tell you that we are moving! This means that I will not have a whole lot of free time to take any pics in the next few weeks. Once things are settled (like next year, ha!) I will try to post some of our new casa. Thanks to all of you who stop by regularly and I will be back as soon as I am up and running...see u soon!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just in the nick of time

Whew! L was so worried that she wouldn't be better in enough time to perform in her 2nd grade choir performance so I am certain she willed it so! Apparently mom didn't have her brain switched on because all I brought with me was a prime lens so I couldn't get very close but with a little crop magic, I think you can see how happy she was to be there back with her friends.

Monday, February 2, 2009

At least it's not strep throat...

Yep, another kid home sick today, but this time in addition to feeling terrible for her, I have mom guilt to add to it. L had a particularly bad day last Friday and this morning I really thought that she was playing possum when she came down complaining of a sore throat and sent her on to school. Fast forward to about 12:30 when I got a call from the nurse letting me know that L was in her office with a headache and temperature of 102.4...crap. By the time I arrive within the span of 10 minutes, her fever had climbed to 102.8. Luckily for all of us, Daddy had called ahead to the doctor and her appointment was scheduled for 30 minutes later and even had the forethought to send me with a medicine syringe filled with Motrin to give her when I picked her up from school. After a quick swab, strep was ruled out and the flu diagnosis handed down. UGH! I hate the flu! I only hope we got to it in time so the Tamiflu can do it's job otherwise, it's another miserable week in my house.
Aren't crayons the greatest? So colorful and neat when they are new. In a week's time they'll be battered and broken and half will be missing but for now, they are perfect.