Wednesday, September 16, 2009

tooting her flute.

Both junior high school bands performed this past Friday evening at Tomball's annual Patriotic Night at the high school football game. You wouldn't know that behind that smile, she had learned a very valuable lesson about the function of a seat belt a short while earlier in the evening. Poor M decided to crawl into the back seat where her friends were to put her flute together and when I started to proceed through a stop sign, someone else ran it causing me to hit the brakes hard. Because she was sitting on the floor of the car holding her flute to her mouth, she flew forward into the center console busting her lip and jamming up her finger. Of course, we told her to just imagine what would have happened if I were going more than about 2 mph...very frightening, indeed.
The rest of these were not taken by me, but by either Chris or Keith (or both) while I was fulfilling my volunteer duties below and T was wrangling with the video camera and C in the packed stands. Thanks guys and I am sure you will all understand if I spare my readers the awesome pics you took of me. This is another T, a buddy of M and the son of the above mentioned Chris (and his lovely wife Julie)...
And here is M whose choice to wear pink Converse made identifying her on the field much easier for her dad...
So glad the guys got pics of this because from the field, all we could see where a bunch of folks marching around. What you can't see is that all three bands formed the shape of the continental United States...God bless America, we are truly blessed to live here.
Ahh, L and her friend, K who is little sister to the above mentioned T and daughter to the same Chris & Julie...having fun with initials yet??

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