Monday, August 31, 2009

cosmetic changes.

UUUUGGGGHHH!!! She is getting to old for me now. She is officially in 7th grade, junior higher. When I told her she could start wearing make-up when she was in junior high, it was so far away but now here we are and in truth, later than for most as in this school district, 7th grade is the first year of junior high. So since I forgot to take pics of her this morning on her first day of school, I brought my camera with us when we went to the mall immediately after I picked up from school to Bare Escentuals for a lesson in make-up application (mom fully admits to being completely worthless in this department).
So many choices.
The perfect, neutral tones for M but with some sparkles to up the "girlie" factor a bit.
First, the expert applied and then M gave her best on the other side.
Of course, it was a teensy weensy bit too much for my taste, but I was surprised when M said it was too much for her liking too....Hallelujah!
I must having some sort of meltdown because did I get an "after", I didn't.

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Amodios1511 said...

So I have been meaning to email you for a couple of weeks now and have finally had a chance. This summer I was at Village Creek pool with the kids with a friend of mine. I was standing talking to Natalie when I feel this tap on my shoulder, I turn around and this young lady says to me..."Hi, how are you, do you know Kris Evans?" I said "yes I do." And then I realize is was your oldest daughter and I said "Oh my gosh, Hi M, how is your Mom and C doing?" M said "good" and then I told her how impressed I was with her that she would actually come up to an adult and say hello, esp. b/c she was with her friends. So now I am telling you as well how impressed I was with your daughter that day. I know you are proud of her but I thought it would make you even prouder that another parent noticed how wonderful of a young lady M is.

Amy Amodio
(Natalie's mom from C's transition class)