Monday, August 31, 2009

time flies.

Where did the first week of school go?? I can't believe we are already in the second full week and I truly hope that the entire year doesn't go by like this. During summer, I thought I couldn't wait for it to start and now I just want to hit pause for a little while. M is totally loving the freedom of junior high and has already gone to her first high school football game with several of her girlfriends. Volleyball try-outs are this week and while I know she is fairly confident she has worked hard enough and is more than good enough to make the team, she is still a jumble of nerves. As for L, third grade is awesome! This year, she is introduced to switching classes mid day which is great and she has already been invited and gone to a birthday party for a new friend at school. Lastly, C's first week was as eventful but not necessarily as positive. Beginning with the first day of school when he was accidentally put on the wrong bus and then the third day when he slipped in a puddle of water and landed on his head on the tile floor resulting in a lovely goose egg bump and bruise. By Friday, he was requesting to go back to his old school and to the loving arms of his fabulous Kindergarten teacher. I keep telling him it will get better and I know it will, but I can't help but think..."poor kid!"

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